Walk the Doc: Episode #5 - Metro South

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Introduction to Metro South. The vision is being realized.

Okay, so. This is the Walk with the Doc which is, again, drive with the doc. Early on Tuesday morning because I had a meeting last night, and I need to come in early to get caught up. And so I wanted to get this done, so I can at least talk to all of my peeps once a week. And I also have some exciting news to share. But! I want to warn you guys; we're gonna have a quiz. And you're gonna think that the quiz is somehow a measure of you, and it's not. It is, but it's not. It's a measure of me and how well we're doing with the communication and messaging. Shoot, you guys can't even see me now. This is how early it is when I leave to go to work. Anyhow. I thought I'd give you a heads up. I guess I'll resume this video when it's bright out enough that you can see. It's about 5:30 or 6 o'clock in the morning.

New Home of the Modern Nose Clinic

Well. This is no longer for sale because it's the home of Modern Nose Clinic Metro South. There is the nature preserve just beyond that goes all the way up over those – the garbage dumpsters out on the street. There's tons of parking, and it is actually much nicer inside than you might think. This is one street here. Nice Boulevard. And this over here is Kaiser Permanente complex. And over here is Portland Clinic GI suite. And over there is actually the post office. And as we come over here, you see, this is the front entrance. You'll come in the front door, and we'll probably take over this space here. This rectangular space. Kids are in the car watching Scooby-Doo. They've got their priorities.

It's really big. Just shy of eight thousand square feet. So we've got lots of windows. That'll be allergy there. See one of our exam rooms here. This is actually gonna be our nurse's station right in through here. And this is gonna be another exam room here, and another exam room, and another exam room here. And coming over around here. This is our property comes out to here. Comes back around here. And this is gonna be another exam room here, and then two of these windows are gonna be Dr. Lee's little office. It's a electrical room there. So our break room here – which is really nice. We've got this outdoor patio space where we're gonna have some barbecues and hopefully some good times. There's really really high ceilings. And again, this is the Nature Preserve just beyond here. You can hear some birds; you may not be able to hear the birds. So no one will ever build from behind, and we'll lease out this space here to another person. I've got a couple folks in mind. That's it.

Okay. I'm walking. And this – I guess it might be a short one. I actually need to get back, and we're gonna do a procedure today here in a little bit. Our vision manifesto: We want to create a world-class patient experience. We believe that medicine's broken. Reason why we exist. It's broken both for the patients, but also for us. For those of us who work in the healthcare system, we're kind of an afterthought. And just more and more responsibilities are being hoisted on our shoulders, and we're not given the tools or the support to succeed. And so we think that we can elevate the experience both for the patient's – yeah of course – but also for us. We believe that we want to create an emotional connection with our patients because that's fun. We get to be part of their lives; they're part of our lives. So we believe that patients are an important part of our journey, and you're welcome if there's any patients watching this. Cool. Thank you for being part of our journey. We're a home for square pegs everywhere. If you feel like you're in a work environment where you're being hit on the head over and over again, and you – for whatever reason – are not willing to give up on your principles, and your goals, and your ideals. I'm gonna turn around; start heading back up to Modern Nose Clinic in Salem Headquarters. Then this is the home for you. Okay? Join us for our journey.

So we're trying to build a home for square pegs everywhere. A place without ceilings. We think that one problem is that you want to keep growing. You want to – like that pyramid – the hierarchy of needs/self-actualization. Well, you want to be the best you can possibly be. The Modern Nose Clinic will enable you to do that. So a place without ceilings. Also, we think there should be accountability for high performers. If you're a high performer, you want to be measured. You want to be measured, and you want to show how well you're doing. And as a high performer myself – I think of myself that way, at least – if you told me I'm not doing very well in one area or another, I want to know. And I'll either get better at it, or I will stop doing that and let someone else who's better at it do that. And in general ENT, that's not usually how it is. It's like you're a general ENT? You can do everything! Because you know how it is with doctors; they're above average at everything, but that's not the truth. Some people are great with kids. Some people are great with cancer patients. Some people are great with cosmetic patients. And some people are great with rhinology. You put a patient at ease. You can deliver on world-class experience awake in the clinic. You want to have all the tools to deliver the best possible outcome, and the Modern Nose Clinic will provide those for you.

So, for any doctors who are thinking about joining – as we're entering that exciting phase – really, that's probably the coolest thing for me. So, I'm about to find some people to go through this journey with. People who have a similar vision, and a similar outlook, and want to be part of something that really has very high ceilings – if there are ceilings at all. Lots of opportunities. Okay! Signing off, you guys. I love you all. Appreciate this opportunity, and I can't do it without you guys. And bring it on, Metro South. Modern Nose Clinic continues to grow. Take care.

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