SMART CARE for Allergy™

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Feel like you’re STUCK with your allergy symptoms?

We measure your allergy symptoms over time. Take our allergy quiz to determine the severity of your symptoms and how we can help.


Stop the endless cycle of allergy meds!

Avoid the time, expense, and risk of clinic visits.

SMART CARE for Allergy™ is:

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Customized for your allergy profile
  • Features only fresh antigens for superior results
  • Each three-month treatment vial is mailed to you
  • And watch your allergy symptoms diminish over time!

Many of our patients suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Eye redness, itching, and watering
  • Congestion, itchiness, sneezing, runny nose, postnasal drip
  • Itchiness of the throat or roof of the mouth
  • Skin irritation, itching, rash, hives
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing

If you suffer from any combination of these symptoms, you could be a good candidate for SMART CARE for Allergy™

The treatment involves applying drops of antigens under the tongue daily. This repeatedly exposes the immune system to a small amount of antigen.  Over time, the immune system learns to decrease the allergic reaction to these antigens.

How does SMART CARE for Allergy™ work?

SMART CARE stands for Self-Managed AlleRgy Therapy CARE and works on the same basic principle as Immunotherapy. The patient's immune system is exposed to a small amount of material (antigen) that causes the immune system to react. Repeatedly exposing the immune system to allergens educates your immune system. Over time, this treatment results in a decrease in the allergic response. Your immune system becomes "smarter" so it will ignore innocent allergies so it can fight illnesses such as viruses better. The goal is a marked decrease in allergy symptoms.

Decrease symptoms, decrease medications, and 
improve your quality of life!

The allergens used for SMART CARE for Allergy™ are the same as those used for injection. The FDA has approved the use of allergens for injection use.  The use of allergens for under the tongue immunotherapy is considered “off-label” use. Off-label use in the USA health care system is a legitimate, legal, and common practice.

Europeans have over 14 years of experience using sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy (re-educating the immune system).  This establishes a very strong track record for safety + proven results.  SMART CARE for Allergy™ uses a similar treatment strategy, but the recipes and database management system offer next-generation care, today!

Are you getting

Witness your improvement with our SEVERITY TRACKER DATABASE, a trusted device that measures improvement in allergy symptoms over time. With the use of the database, allergy specialists are able to measure your allergy baseline. This enables them also to consider your condition as if you are a) NOT taking medications and b) exposed to your specific allergy triggers. What is measured is improved!

Contact our allergy care specialists today at Modern Nose Clinic to find out if SMART CARE for Allergy™ is the remedy that can work for you.

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