Sinusoft: Modern Nose’s minimally-invasive, no-narcotics-needed alternative to traditional sinus surgery

This cutting-edge option offers many advantages over traditional surgery—including no cutting or bone removal, improved breathing, and a speedy recovery time of less than 48 hours.

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Chronic sinus pain makes life miserable

Get the relief you deserve.

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Allergies don’t have to run your life

Reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms with immunotherapy.

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You deserve a restful night's sleep

Snoring leads to fatigue and other health issues.

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Your pain may be impacting your life more than you realize
Our patients have often been suffering from their pain for so long that they’ve just learned to live with it. Our assessments can help bring clarity to how your life is actually being impacted.
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Satisfied Patient

“I have been extremely impressed with the Modern Nose Clinic thus far.”

I am seeing Dr. Skarada and staff for allergy testing, potential sleep apnea and some sinus issues. The staff has been extremely professional throughout my experience thus far. They have made my appointment booking a breeze, send reminders of my appointments, figure out all of my insurance information letting me know what to expect prior to a consultation and of course are super friendly and fun to work with! Keep up the great work!

Patient Success Stories
Sinus Pain Relief Patient

“The Modern Nose Clinic is a refreshing alternative to traditional ENT providers.”

Doctor Skarada is a caring physician who spends the time to listen to patients, understand their situation and offer more humane treatment options avoiding traditional sinus surgeries requiring general anesthesia, “packing” and extensive recuperation periods. You can spare yourself a lot of grief by visiting the Modern Nose Clinic first.

Patient Success Stories
Patient Success With Modern Nose Treatment

“Dr. Skarada has got to be the very best at what he does.”

His desire to have a perfect procedure is amazing There could not be a more thoughtful person. He really makes you feel like you are a part of his family.

Patient Success Stories

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