Sinus Pain

Sinus pain, pressure and swelling can leave you feeling miserable.

Man Suffering with Sinus Pressure
How bad Are Your Sinuses?

Are you experiencing sinus pain, swelling, congestion or irritation? Painful sinus symptoms can make your life miserable. Take the Sinus Quiz now to learn more about your level of sinus symptoms

If your cold won’t go away, it might be a chronic sinus infection

  • Sneezing, sniffling, sleepless nights
  • Sore throat or persistent coughing
  • Nasal drip
  • Puffy eyes
  • Swelling or facial pain
  • Relentless headache

Are You Suffering with Sinusitis?

Normal sinus function becomes impaired by swelling, which traps bacteria and viruses within the sinus cavities behind and around the eyes and nose. Sinusitis, often with infection, results and causes chronic sinus pain.

You need sinus treatment options for when home remedies, over-the-counter medications and antibiotics fail.

If you experience prolonged severe sinus pain, you may be stuck in a cycle of chronic sinus infection. This condition will recur until the root cause of your infection is treated.

Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms
Satisfied Patient

"Dr. Skarada is one of the most caring doctors I have ever had."

"I was referred to him when I saw another doctor for my enlarged thyroid.  Dr. Skarada tried so diligently to repair my paralyzed vocal cord, and after two surgeries, it was very successful.  He gave me my voice back and my livelihood as well.  I appreciate him so much."

Patient Success Stories
Sinus Pain Relief Patient

"Extremely Happy With The Results!"

"Dr. Lee took a lot of time explaining the benefits of various oral appliances and why a custom appliance should be worn instead of ordering one online. I wore the appliance the entire night the first night and every night since. I have stopped snoring and sleep for longer periods of time."

Patient Success Stories
Patient Success With Modern Nose Treatment

"The Results Were Wonderful!"

"I no longer snore, I sleep all night long, I feel rested and ready for a good days work. I have been retested for the sleep apnea using the oral appliance and I do not have any episodes of 'not breathing' anymore."

Patient Success Stories

Please note:  every patient is unique, and your results my vary.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Sinus Pain Problems

Professional Diagnosis and Treatment for Modern Sinus Patients

The Modern Nose Clinic’s team of sinus care specialists will diagnose the cause of your sinus pain and develop an individual treatment plan for your specific heath care needs.

If you are experiencing pain due to chronic sinus infection, you may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty – a safe, easy, advanced treatment for chronic sinus sufferers.

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