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We can help you learn what allergies you have and what steps you can take to reduce and eliminate the symptoms you experience when exposed to them.

Now that we have tested for the allergens that cause your reactions, we can formulate a plan to desensitize your immune system long-term and minimize your symptoms in the meantime. Your personal treatment plan can include options such as

  • strategies to protect you from your specific allergy triggers as much as possible through avoidance
  • sublingual immunotherapy (S.L.I.T.) drops to gradually increase your tolerance to allergens.

We develop individualized treatment plans depend on your specific allergies, the severity of your reaction, and your lifestyle and preferences.

Because each person has a unique allergy profile, our specialty team will monitor your response and progress regularly during your treatment to make adjustments and keep you on the best course as your immune system responds.

Immunotherapy can help allergy sufferers live a more free life.

What are the Advantages of Immunotherapy (aka Allergy Drops)?

Both allergy injections and sublingual drops are most often used to treat reactions caused by pollens, animal dander, molds and dust mites. Injections are one method of treatment that is effective but not always popular with patients. Sublingual drops are administered as a drop under the tongue, making this a great treatment plan for kids and busy parents.

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Unlike medications that only treat symptoms temporarily, immunotherapy addresses the underlying cause of your allergies. Immunotherapy injections and sublingual drops are administered in gradually increasing dosages until the patient develops long-term tolerance to the triggering substance.

Generally speaking, side effects related to immunotherapy treatment are mild. Allergy drops involve the same testing and treatment planning as allergy shots; however, the patient can self-administer the treatment from the comfort of home, the office, or any place and time that is convenient.

Allergy immunotherapy drops are a great option with significant advantages for people of all ages:

  • Lower cost, fewer clinic visits.  Allergy drops are comparable in cost to the co-pay and treatment costs of allergy shots. Additional savings are experienced through reduced reliance on OTC medications, less transportation expense for office visits, fewer hours of missed work, as well as the reclaimed value of your precious time.
  • Safe and Natural. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, drops are made from all-natural extracts of allergens such as pet dander, mold, dust, and pollen. Reports of severe reactions to allergy shots are very rare (3 in 1 million); however, there are no reports of anaphylactic reactions to allergy drops.
  • Less medication. Our patients report, and research confirms, that they typically need less medication to control symptoms after beginning sublingual drops.
  • Enjoy healthier days. The end benefit of taking drops consistently is feeling better, almost instantly!  Immunotherapy may take three to five years, however, symptoms may begin to reduce in frequency and intensity within the early months, giving allergy sufferers more freedom in their day-to-day activities.
Sublingual immunotherapy is ideal for busy parents and patients!

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