Do I Really need Sinus Surgery?

What Other Options Do I have?

We can all agree that, when possible, the best option is to avoid surgery. Sometimes surgery is necessary but when it can be avoided it's typically a good idea. A lot of clinics are now offering in-office procedures as an alternative to surgery to help their patients to stay out of operating rooms. But what is the difference between a procedure and a surgery?

But what is the difference between a procedure and a surgery?

Spot the Difference: Nasal Procedure vs Nasal Surgery


The biggest difference between the two is the fees.

When it comes to surgery, you pay several different fees and this begins to be a burden on your wallet. You typically pay a facility fee, anesthesia fee, and a surgeon fee. But during a procedure, you only pay the surgeon fee.

Facility Fee (Surgery Only):

The facility fee is what you pay to rent the operating room. This covers things like the nurse’s pay, the drugs that are used, administrative costs, utilities, etc. Facility Fees for Nasal Surgery cost around $5,000 to $10,000. You don’t pay facility fees for a procedure.

Anesthesia Fee(Surgery Only):

This is the fee that you pay the anesthesiologist to put you in a medically induced coma. This coma can lead to other risks but we will get to those in the risks section. This fee can run anywhere from $1,800 to $2,000. Because there is no anesthesia during a procedure you don't pay this fee. 

Surgeon Fee(Surgery and Procedure)

This is the only fee that you pay for when having either a procedure or surgery. This is the fee that goes to the surgeon. It can range anywhere from $500-$1,000

man suffering from sinus pain

So, as you can see the difference in fees between surgeries and procedures is enormous. By having an in-office procedure you can save money and not put a strain on your wallet. You don’t need to struggle financially to be able to breathe again.


Surgeries can be more dangerous than procedures. Surgeries come with way more risk of complication than procedures and this can lead to worry. There is less need to worry when having an in-office procedure because there is much less risk.


During surgery, you will bleed more than during an in-office procedure. This may be because there is less cutting but it also may be because, during an anesthesia-induced coma, your blood vessels dilate. This leads to more bleeding and risk for blood loss. During a procedure, you don't have to worry about blood loss because there is not as much cutting and no anesthesia.


Anesthesia comes with many risks. First, when you have anesthesia you are not asleep you are in a medically induced coma. This can be scary to some people who are worried about waking up. Another risk is that you bleed more when under anesthesia and this can lead to blood loss. But with an in-office procedure, you only have to take a few pills and then you fall asleep. Leading to no coma risks and no risk for excess blood loss. 

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In-office procedures are a lot less worrisome than surgeries. You can rest easy the night before a procedure instead of being up all night pacing the floor in hopes that your surgery will go well.


When it comes to surgery painful recovery can take weeks. This is due to several factors.

  • Excess bleeding may occur during surgery prolonging recovery times
  • The packing that is used slows recovery while it is in
  • Narcotics prescribed after surgery may hinder the ability to recover after surgery
recovering from sinus surgery

But when you have an in-office procedure there is no excess bleeding. There is no packing. There are no narcotics because there is no pain. In-office procedures are more delicate which means You will be back up and moving within a day or two. There is no need to suffer through long recovery.

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When applicable, the benefits of having an in-office procedure as opposed to a potentially harmful surgery are obvious. And at Modern Nose we are experts at in-office procedures doing 50-60 a month!

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