Sinus surgery should be the last option

Your sinus pain has been so intense and miserable lately…

But you’ve been told you need sinus surgery if you want relief…

There must be another way… right?

Avoid unnecessary surgery

Patients don’t want surgery….

If it can be avoided, that’s typically the best course of action.

You don’t want to put your life on hold

You don’t want added cost

You don’t want weeks of recovery time

Relief is possible without surgery.

The Modern Nose Clinic offers several in-office procedures that help our patients avoid surgery in most cases.

I don't want surgery

Dr. Skarada understands your concerns

Spot the Difference: Nasal Procedure vs Nasal Surgery

The biggest differences between in-office procedures and traditional sinus surgery include:


Find out if you can avoid surgery

If you can avoid surgery and still get long-lasting relief from your sinus pain, wouldn't you want to know?

Schedule with The Modern Nose Clinic today to find out if one of our minimally invasive procedures can help you avoid surgery.

I don’t want surgery

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