Balloon Sinuplasty

Take 1 Hour to Permanently Improve Your Nonstop Sinus Infection Symptoms

Man Suffering with Sinus Pressure
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Sinus Inflammation

When the narrow opening of the sinus cavity becomes irritated, this causes swelling and congestion, which leads to stagnation, bacterial growth and chronic sinus pain.

Diagram of sinusitis, sinus infection, and blocked drainage.
Graphic diagram of sinus inflammation with a blocked passageway

During the procedure, a tiny balloon mounted on the end of a catheter is gently inserted into the opening of the sinus cavity.

Graphic diagram of instrument placement in the sinus for balloon sinus dilation.

The balloon is precisely inflated, gently expanding the sinus passageway. The balloon is then easily deflated and removed.

Graphic diagram of an unblocked sinus after a balloon sinuplasty procedure.

Sinus sufferers achieve immediate, long-lasting relief from the root cause of recurrent chronic sinus infection symptoms.

Balloon Sinuplasty: Breathing easy without surgery

If you suffer from frequent or severe sinus infections, then you understand the struggle: the struggle to breathe, the struggle with constant pain and pressure, the struggle to sleep. You face each day fighting to accomplish your goals and maintain your priorities.

Painful sinus infection symptoms will persist until the root cause of the infection is treated. While individual results can be different, Balloon Sinuplasty (balloon sinus dilation) restores normal function to blocked sinuses, providing immediate relief for most chronic sinus sufferers.

Like the millions of Americans who suffer from sinusitis, you have already tried every option. You have experienced the frustration and confusion of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. You may have found temporary symptom relief from natural remedies, but the pain is still too much to bear. Like so many sinus sufferers, you may believe that the only long-term solution involves painful and risky endoscopic sinus surgery.

It is possible to find long-term relief from the pain and suffering without the side effects of medication or the complications from surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. Doug Skarada and the professionals at Modern Nose Clinic can help you understand all of your options, including Balloon Sinuplasty.

Sinus Symptoms Solved!

Balloon Sinuplasty is a proven method to solve the underlying problems with your sinuses. Unlike medication, balloon sinuplasty physically opens the sinus cavity and cleans out the infection. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that is performed from the comfort of the office. No cutting, no removing tissue, and minimal risk of complications.

Balloon sinuplasty is so successful that it is covered by most insurance plans. Sinus balloon surgery is clinically proven and results in patients who can breathe easily. Results are noticeable almost immediately and there is very little pain.

Unlike other treatments, balloon sinuplasty gets to the root of the problem. A sinus balloon procedure involves inserting a tiny catheter through the nose and into the affected sinus cavity. Once the blockage is located, the balloon is inflated to gently open the passage.

Once the passage is opened, the bacterial infection is cleaned out and drained. Normal breathing and sinus function can continue. Sinuplasty allows the sinuses to drain naturally, contributing to overall sinus health and a decrease in future infections.

When your sinus cavity is open, you will finally begin to experience a significant reduction in pain, pressure, headaches, and other sinus symptoms. You will begin to sleep easily, wake up rested, and have the energy to face the day. You may see significant improvement in your overall health as your eating, sleeping, and breathing patterns return to normal.

Balloon Sinuplasty Helps You:

  • Avoid risky surgery
  • Maintain long-lasting relief
  • Look forward to a new life free of pain and sinus pressure

If you have tried medications and still find yourself suffering from frequent sinus issues then you may be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty Cost: The affordable solution
balloon sinuplasty costis a sinus infection contagious

Unlike endoscopic sinus surgery, with balloon sinuplasty, there is no hospitalization, no anesthesia, and no long-term recovery. As this minor procedure continues to be a proven cost-effective alternative to surgery, insurance coverage is growing. Sinuplasty is widely accepted by most insurance companies. Doctors, patients, and insurance companies have learned that balloon sinus treatment improves patient health, reduces long-term expenses, and results in better overall health.

Balloon sinus treatment lowers the overall cost by controlling expenses in a number of areas. The procedure is done in the doctor’s office which prevents expensive hospital fees and co-pays. There is no need for a costly anesthesiologist or the other additional medical professionals that would be required for a hospital surgical procedure and recovery.

Patients are also able to get back to work quicker and have a significant reduction in the long-term cost of medication and doctor’s office visits. Balloon sinuplasty benefits the individual patient as well as the entire community. Patients have increased productivity and are able to better meet the needs of their family and community. They experience fewer missed days of work and have a significant increase in their overall quality of life.

According to clinical research*, the balloon sinuplasty success rate is greater than 95%. This astounding rate of success is driving more patients to find long-lasting affordable relief through balloon sinuplasty. This is why balloon treatment has become the gold standard for long-term sinus relief.

Balloon Sinuplasty Risks: The safe & effective solution

As of March 2017, more than 535,000 patients have experienced the life-changing benefits of balloon sinuplasty. Each day, hundreds of additional people turn to sinuplasty to find relief from the pain and pressure of sinusitis. These individuals come from every walk of life, from celebrities and professional athletes to everyday men and women who make our community a great place to live.

People are turning to sinuplasty because it works and it is safe. Clinical research has followed patients for years after their balloon procedure and found that it is safe and effective as a long-term solution. Because there is no cutting or removing of bone/tissue, balloon sinuplasty complications are very rare. There is minimal risk of infection, bleeding, or other side effects that often accompany traditional surgery.

Balloon sinuplasty recovery is very quick and patients can typically return to all normal activities in 1 - 2 days as compared to the weeks or months of recovery from endoscopic sinus surgery. Traditional surgery also requires a doctor to tear off scabs to prevent scar tissue from blocking your airways. With sinuplasty, there is no permanent removal of bone or tissue.

Is balloon sinuplasty a good treatment option for you? Dr. Douglas J. Skarada will take the time to discuss all of your concerns so that you can make an informed decision. Modern Nose Clinic has spent years cultivating a reputation of excellence which includes:

  • Listening to patients
  • Taking time to explore treatment options and explain diagnoses
  • Patiently answering questions and addressing concerns
  • Establishing a high level of trust

Balloon Sinuplasty: The solution for Salem

For the millions of people who live in Salem and Tualatin, living life to the fullest is a high priority. We enjoy warm weather, active lifestyles, and abundant opportunities to take in all the outdoor beauty that Oregon has to offer. For those who struggle with frequent and long-lasting sinus infections, the dream of Oregon living can quickly become a nightmare.

Sinus infections can keep you indoors, take away opportunities to enjoy sports and recreation, and prevent you from enjoying your friends and family to the fullest. Are you ready to put an end to the constant struggle of pain and pressure? Are you ready to say goodbye to sinus headaches and congestion? If so, it is time to consider balloon sinuplasty.

This safe and effective procedure is performed from the comfort of our Salem office by Dr. Douglas J. Skarada. We have delivered on the promise of long-lasting relief for many patients with this minimally-invasive solution. Balloon sinuplasty is a proven treatment that will work for you.

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, you will be back to enjoying your life quickly with more enjoyment than ever. Contact our office today to discover out how you can finally achieve long-term relief from the symptoms of your sinus infection.