Sinusoft by Modern Nose Clinic

An advanced alternative to traditional sinus surgery.

Sinusoft allows you to breathe again without invasive surgeries, narcotics, or painful side effects.

Sinusoft is The Modern Nose Clinic’s advanced alternative to traditional sinus surgery—with no cutting or bone removal, you can breathe easy again, reduce chronic sinus infections, and do it all in the comfort of our office. You should be back to your daily routine in less than 48 hours.

Sinusoft by Modern Nose Clinic

Experience maximum benefits, fewer risks, and relief that lasts.

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Quicker Recovery Times

No cutting or removal of bone (like traditional sinus surgery); you’ll be back to normal activities within a day or two.

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Fewer Risks

No anesthesia. No cutting. No hospital visits. This means fewer risks and side effects.

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Lower Costs

Sinusoft is cheaper than traditional sinus surgery because it’s performed in-office without anesthesia and other overpriced hospital fees.

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Lasting Effectiveness

Studies show that balloon sinus dilation offers long-term relief from chronic sinusitis and infections with one treatment—eliminating multiple visits and medications.

Traditional Sinus Surgery is Outdated

Invasive surgeries used to be your only option for lasting sinus relief (besides medication that often doesn’t work).

Traditional sinus surgeries are painful because they involve cutting through bone and soft tissues.

While they are proven to be effective… the recovery times are anywhere from several days to a few weeks. That means extended pain, bleeding, and packing in the nose.

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Thankfully, modern technologies provide less invasive alternatives that minimize suffering and improve outcomes—allowing you to recover quicker with minimal discomfort.

With these new minimally invasive treatments available, you can imagine that most clinics would adopt them… right?

While some have, plenty of clinics still prefer the traditional styles of sinus surgery that involve:

  • Surgery center visits
  • Invasive procedures
  • Outrageous hospital fees
  • Long recovery times

This is why The Modern Nose Clinic offers Sinusoft

You can expect a minimally invasive treatment that’s cheaper, less painful, and more effective… and it’s a much quicker recovery time (we’re talking a day or two. Who doesn’t want that?).


Simple, Fast, Cost Effective, Long-term Relief From Your Chronic Sinus Issues

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