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The truth is, allergies are much more common than most people realize.

If you’re reacting to allergens, how can you thoroughly enjoy each day?

There are many reasons for allergies, most commonly involving pollens, food, mold, certain medications, and animal dander. It can be a constant battle to stay in control of your allergies.

For many sufferers of chronic or recurrent sinusitis (sinus infections) or chronic nasal congestion, allergies are a primary concern. Because of this, allergy testing has exploded in popularity to help those with sinus conditions rise above their symptoms and get the treatment they desperately seek.

At Modern Nose Clinic, our board-certified allergy and immunology team can perform an evaluation, determine diagnosis, and recommend treatment of all types of allergies and perform skin testing to determine the underlying cause.

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How to Get Rid of Allergies Fast

Allergy testing is the process of learning what allergens your body has an allergic reaction to, and the severity of that reaction. Common allergens tested in an allergy test include food, pollen, mold, pet dander, and dust mites. By determining your medical history and then performing relatively painless “skin prick” tests, we identify what triggers an allergic reaction.

A skin prick test can test up to 60 allergens by pricking your skin with a small amount of that substance. Your skin’s reaction can reveal if your body is allergic to that allergen. Whether you’re given a skin prick or blood test, an allergy test may not reveal the full picture of your sinus health.

A comprehensive sinus and allergy discovery process should include the following:
  • Asking for your entire list of symptoms

  • A full exam with CT scan

  • Allergy test recommendation

  • Conducting allergy tests

  • Discussing the results and treatment options with you

How Does Allergy Testing Work?

Before an allergy can be treated, it needs to be tested to discover what the allergy is and the severity of your reaction to it.

While there are several types of allergy tests, no test is perfectly accurate. Testing should be conducted by a trained and intuitive allergy specialist.

Your allergy care specialist will ask you to list and describe your symptoms, perform an exam, and recommend specific tests to see what allergens you react to and if they are allergies or something less concerning, like a light sensitivity to an allergen.

Allergy tests seek to discover what allergens you react to, meaning that you will be exposed to a wide variety of common allergens, and you may have one or several allergic reactions from tests. However, testing uses a very small amount of each substance to minimize the impact.

Our specialists work to determine the primary cause and best course of treatment for each patient. Depending on the individual, treatment options may include allergy drops, and/or a medication prescription.

Patients receive comprehensive allergy testing.

Don’t settle for an ineffective test that won’t bring you long-term relief.

If you have concerns that you are suffering from allergies and would like expert help to find the right relief from your symptoms, schedule your appointment today!

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