Walk the Doc: Episode #2

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A Walk With The Doc

Good morning. Well, I did it; I turned 50. And today for the walk for the doc I want to talk about an interesting topic; failure and specifically personal failure; and how it's best to learn from other people's mistakes.

Learn From My Mistake

So I thought I'd share with you one of my mistakes, and I think I'm going to walk into the office and take off my jacket and tell you a little bit more about it. And that'll help you to understand better the Modern Nose Clinic. So I've been involved in many different organizations. I have had the opportunity to be in small organizations that succeeded far beyond their potential, surprisingly successful and large organizations with lots of resources that failed despite that. And you look back you say well what were the ingredients; why did one fail and one succeed?

And I started to realize I was in an organization in the past - I'm sitting down in the front part of our office right here in the sofa here I'll show you around - so failure and we'll call up the square peg round hole problem. And so you could be a fantastic person that doesn't fit into an organization because you’re a square peg and they want you to fill a round hole; and the problem with that is as was the case for me that organization can pick out a bigger and a bigger hammer to smack you over the head to try to force you into that hole, but it's never going to work well.

So what is the secret, and what can you learn from my mistake, and what can I learn as we work on the culture of the Modern Nose Clinic. So let's move into my little think tank so everyone doesn't have to hear this.

The Secret

And so the secret is for any of y' all and hopefully those of you in the Modern Nose Clinic you're all wonderful people, and we want you to feel like you're square peg in a square hole. So you got to start with those core values that we talked about last time. Are those your core values? Because if your core value of your organization is being comfortable, being profitable, taking no risk, you know basically a very kind of a slow and conservative kind of a thing, and that's one thing.

If your goal is to try to change the healthcare system as we know it, well you're never going to quite fit in. So basically let's draw for the premise that medicine is broken. And it's broken on almost every level; it's too expensive there's no accountability. So basically a physician will be paid the same amount of money whether he or she does an excellent job or does a very poor job. And and there will be people who will do their very best no matter what because that's how they're wired, and there were other people out there who'll say I just want to maximize profitability. So the Modern Nose Clinic is not like that. We want to do the very best. Go back and listen to the core value speech and you'll know if you fit into our system.

The Operating System

Next topic the operating system. So we have an operating system here that we call the Modern Medical Experience; this is the central part and I’m going to draw a picture for you guys.

Central part are the core values, our niche our reason for being, and kind of really who we are. The heartbeat of the organization, which I think that we need to talk a little bit more about, and then we turn this around here. So this is the core values here in the middle, core, and then off the core values, we have our vision which we'll talk about more. And our vision will be a 10-year vision five-year vision, 3-year vision, one year vision, 90-day vision, here's the people component which is ever so important, right over here is the data component.

Anyone who works here knows that we really followed different numbers and there are different numbers people are accountable for. Over here is how we solve problems. It's amazing how poor -problem-solving - how poor some organizations can be at solving problems effectively. Over here are the processes which are basically how we conduct business. And here is our momentum or traction. So this is how we actually translate our vision into traction to move forward yeah.

Anyway, so I digress. Sorry about that. Operating system, modern medical experience, and we'll hear more about that too. Be a square peg; if you're a square peg you'd be a square peg man, and you love it, and you celebrate it. If you're a round peg and be a round peg; but we; I don't know what we are here. We’re square pegs, so it's important that to constantly emphasize to people here what our culture is what we're trying to do.

Medicine is Broken

And to try to summarize it what is our premise is that medicine is broken, it's not going to fix itself. We think that it's going to take this grassroots effort. Well, we're going to build a clinic from scratch; doing everything the way we would want it if we were the patients. We want to deliver excellence; we're going to strive for perfection; we're going to deliver excellence. We want to elevate the experience for the patient, yes of course, but also for you. We don't want you to have a miserable experience. We want you to have fun; we want you to feel like while you're at the Modern Nose Clinic it was an awesome journey in your life.

Hopefully, it's the last job you'll ever have; but even if you go on to have other jobs you'll look back, and you'll say well I learned certain things there the way they operate their culture was fascinating. And I felt like they always wanted to invest in me because that's true. We want to innovate continuously because there's so much that needs to be done to fix medicine. And we want to work as a team because if everybody works together and helps everyone else out, we can accomplish greater things. And it's important for me; my job in this organization is to help work on the culture. And the culture is one of innovation, change; we want to deliver something different, something better, something special.

So, Doug Skarada,  the medical director at the Modern Nose Clinic signing out. Thank you for taking the patience to hear my second video. I know you can't wait for next week it's going to be so much fun, take care.

So two square pegs everywhere, we love y' all.

Signing off,

Doug Skarada.