Walk the Doc: Episode #1

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A Walk With The Doc

This is intended for the Modern Nose Clinic team. At intervals, we'll make videos, and you all can get little updates and what we're up to.

You know what? We're hanging out with the team allergy this morning and I just was telling them that I'm turning 50 tomorrow; if it's true. And so what I want to do is, at intervals, get the opportunity to share a little bit more information with you all, and you're not obligated to watch these videos, but and feel free to do so. And I think it's important because I really want to get the vision across so that you guys understand what we're trying to do and you are so important to it all.  So, I thought I'd call it a Walk With the Doc; and over time I'm gonna introduce all the vocabulary, and talk about one tiny topic, and more detail at a time.

Okay. So I'm gonna head over to my fishbowl. So, first of all, they call this thing the fishbowl because there's a glass wall on one side and you can see me swimming around, and then people said you should probably put this sticker up, and this sticker has our core values on it, in case anyone's curious. Because that's really what we're all about, and it's a picture of our logo right next to it there, and I'm kind of tempted to pull that core value sticker down. I will at some point, but I know you guys call it the fishbowl but I think of it as the think tank. And I just want to say that this is one of my favorite little spaces in here; so we'll head into my think tank okay.

Okay, I have no one to help me do this since I show up early in the morning, I like to get here as early as possible. And Patty has done such an awesome job – the rest to you guys, I just don't worry as much. So, I tend to get here a little bit later than I used to; and the weekends I'm not coming in as often so I spend more time for my family. Anyway, so this is like my routine I'll come in here, hang up my stuff, and kind of drop all my little keys in this little key thing, and there you have it. So let's see, first of all, I want to start off by telling you guys what is it like to be me. I'm turning 50 tomorrow and totally excited about that. I don't know if I've ever had so much fun in all of my life, and I didn't know what it'd be like, and we're almost a year old. We're hitting about 11 months now; we opened down in January for a second, I'm sorry, September for a second of 2017. And I did not know back then what it would be like; now I know. I knew how I wanted this thing to be structured; I want the culture to be good, I want to be mindful, a mindful organization, a thoughtful organization, and I knew the people component would be super important. But what I didn't know is that the people component is awesome! And I think of it as like a relationship, and in my life, I'm not gonna say I'm an expert at relationships but I have a fair number of really great relationships. And the one theme that is true for all of them it's that you spend invest time together, and you try to meet each other's needs, and you try to be there for them, and over time you start to form those bonds and so on and so forth. And so I think that  these Walk With the Doc things that intervals will be an opportunity for me to talk to each of you on your own time if you have a chance and just listen to it; and you want to plug in your headphones on the weekend or whatever else and you'll know what we're talking about. There'll be a series of talks I can I know how it's gonna go down, but today I want to talk about you all! I want to talk about turning 50. 50 years old awesome; the age of wisdom I will wake up tomorrow and I'll suddenly be able to see things I could never see before. And I'll have a better perspective on life and so on and so forth and all that stuff right [is that what Katie says all the time and all that stuff or all that good stuff or something, oh you'll tell me later] but anyhow though is that you guys, the people component, oh my god I love you guys! It's it's crazy! It's the part that gets me the most excited. I feel like we've got this really awesome basketball team, and my kids have been on a lot of basketball teams, and some better chemistry than others. There's so many little components to it and I feel like everybody is so... they're team players, and they're very bright, you guys are the smartest people at each of your responsibilities I've ever worked with. And I've got to work with a lot of really sharp people; you guys are that man y'all da bomb! So I guess my 50th birthday gift is you all. I just want you to know it's so cool.; ok I'll pause that.

The next thing is going to simply be the core value speech that did a little while back. I think that we need to go over the stuff over and over again, and really understand it ,and again there's you know four core values.

Modern Nose Clinic Core Values:

Core Value 1

Core Value one is to elevate the experience for the patient, yes! We want them to show up and there it's a busy life they live, a hectic life, often times they're always trying to meet everybody else's needs, they're a co-worker, their employee ,they're a boss, they're a spouse, there's a child, you know they have a parent or they're a parent themselves or whatever; and and they're always trying to meet everyone else's needs. When they come here we want to be all about them. Like when you go to Nordstrom's where I don't go to Nordstrom's I don't get the shopping thing but I go with my wife and I love my wife so I'm able to hang out there, and I can see what they have done and I think we can do it 10 times better. And we -I- think that's very expensive when you go to see a doctor, and it's stressful, and we want them to feel like the elevator doors open up and it's a peaceful experience. It's very important to us that it's all about them, and it has to get to not rushing through things and really taking our time and you know making sure that they feel like we care; because we do. If you just pretend like you care, people see through that. And I really think people care, so I know I do. So I think that um I think we've got something pretty cool. So we want to elevate the experience for the patients, yes, but also for us. In my experience in my last job is that people can't give a s**t, excuse me, they can't give an uh what do you call it an excrement over how you're doing; if you're happy or not or whatever else and It's about making the process better for them or making more money. Really it's all about making money, which much is not unimportant, it's just not the most important thing. For us, we believe we've hired the most fantastic people and we want you to represent us. No one wants to talk to me for an hour nooo. They want  they want to talk to whatever; they want to check in at center stage, they want to be walked back to the room, they want to be talking with our MAs, they want to talk with me yes, and try to learn something and then they want to be talking to the MAs again, and just really they want to know our whole team, and they want to believe that people on the team actually care about them too. So we want to elevate it for them also; that's Core Value 1. Oh, elevate for us also, we want to make sure your jobs are doable. If someone says I I have to turn my back over and over again to do my job I want to fix that. And that gets to how we solve problems. So and I think we have brought up issues as they come up when we try to fix them and we welcome constructive complaints that we can fix; highly-motivated do that. that's Core Value 1.

Core Value 2

Core Value two Is to innovate continuously and I think we all know we do that. I mean hardly, no, never has a week on by that we haven't emerged at the end of the week stronger than we began that week. We've had a fair number of growing pains which are to be expected but we always innovate and everyone seems to embrace that. And I'm grateful for that because that is aa little bit how God hardwired me.

Core Value 3

Third Core Value Is to work as a team and I think that that is a really important part of the culture. And as we get bigger and more complex, then maybe when people get a little more specialized, a little bit challenging, but in general the concept that anyone could do any anyone else's job here is is is what we think. We don't like walls and there are some people who the way they are have been raised, or the way they went through high school you know cliquey or whatever else that there are different walls and different like these are my group and this and that we don't believe that's the case. We're all together one basketball team and so we're always working on that, and that's that's an opportunity. I think it'll always be an opportunity to do a better job and we want to pursue excellence or pursue perfection which is impossible –unless you're Jesus and then he's perfect and the rest of us are confused with all his stories and we figure them out later or we don't– and we want to deliver excellence. And I think that there is that desire, I see it as a genuine desire people want to do the best they can. I think I think three of the four-man we are knocking it. So that sets that's the core values.

Core Value 4

And the next one I do will probably our core focus and our reason for being.  Maybe our 10-year goal. Those things and it'll be slowly over time, every week, or so I'll release another video. And by the time in and people can watch them, or not it's your choice, so listen if I make it till tomorrow –50 – and thank you. You guys.,man, I love y' all!

Alright; signing off Doug Skarada Modern Nose Clinic.

Thank you for listening to the first Walk With the Doc episode. I hope that this will be the first of many. Furthermore, we did do, or I did do a separate core values YouTube video. Feel free to listen to that if you'd like but this one captured the highlights.