Modern Nose Clinic: GO FOR IT!

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Nasal Polyps + Infection + Modern Nose Clinic = GO FOR IT!

Here is an interesting patient testimonial of someone with massive nasal polyps that were extruding from the nose. Chronic sinusitis involving all sinuses who had an awake procedure done at the modern nose clinic in one hour and had an excellent result hear his story.

Okay so this is one of my patients, and I'm not going to mention his name, but he's been gracious enough to share his story.

What was it like before your surgery?

It was terrible! I couldn't breathe. Had to breathe out of my mouth. It was terrible! Anything you want to add as the spouse? You sleep, you're not gonna recline at night the quality of life was miserable. They say that guys who are married live longer than guys who are not. So any spouse who is watching these videos if your husband reminds you of this, then you might want to help them out.

What was surgery like for you?  

Great great, I mean you got the job done doc. That's, what can I say there, words don't describe it.

Well, you were awake during the procedure or you're kind of somewhat sleepy you kind of were kind of in and out it, had lots of nasal polyps and lots of sinusitis.

Do you think it's a doable surgery if someone was watching this and they thought can I really do this awaking clinic? What would you tell them? Go for it!

Okay, go for it, you won't be disappointed. Okay, and what did you think you got to watch this surgery?  I did, I would just recommend not to wait. Because he waited 18 years and the deterioration of the quality of his life was incredible.
So what's it like now for you?  Are you able to breathe?  Who knows better oh yes yeah hundred and twenty percent better! Okay and so it made a dramatic difference  He took a deep sniff the same day, he actually mentioned he could smell dinner.   That is great well thank you for sharing that with our patients.  

We hope that this could be of use to someone else who may be considering surgery.  This was a big nasal polyp awake procedure and he apt to say he didn't fantastic!
Okay, it depends on the severity mine was severe. How often do you have a patient as bad as me?  Well you know unfortunately like today we've had two so your bad or as bad as I was. Well, you did have  Samter's Triad and Samter's Triad means you had massive polyps. You're allergic to you know aspirin. And you might even get like allergies and or and asthma. In fact, you're gonna have allergy testing tomorrow, aren't you? No, well, I can't. Are you? Can't okay, I feel good.

At the Modern Nose Clinic, we know your nose.