Patient Testimonial During Nasal Procedure

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DURING Nasal Procedure Patient Gives Testimonial

This patient just completed a very large sinus surgery with septoplasty and he wanted to make sure he could share with anyone else considering this procedure that it was no big deal. Also, his wife wanted to explain what the experience is like observing a family member having a procedure.

Just recording your voice. So this is Doug Skarada with the modern nose clinic. And we have a patient, who won't use his name. But he just got an entire sinus surgery done and a bunch of other stuff too. And I just want to know, number one, how was it?

It was easy. I heard some cracking, that's about. Anything you would say to another patient who might be considering having this done. It's too easy. yeah too easy. And you're pretty awake right now?  Aren't you?   Yep!

I'm pretty sure the meds didn't work on me but, oh well. Was not necessary in your case.  Yep, pretty much.  Were you worried about the possibility that this may not be as easy as we had told you it would be? Hmm, no, You assumed it would be okay. Yeah, good!

So any other advice for anyone else who might consider doing one of these in office awake procedures would you like versus, going to sleep in the OR? What do you think about this awake procedure? well considering the fact that they would put you under and paralyze you, opposed to just doing this. Which they don't cut you open or anything like that you just put a balloon in your nose and call it good. This I'd rather do this than that.

Awesome thank you for that.  And this is his lovely wife and, were you here to watch the whole procedure?  I was. Yeah what was your perspective? I thought it looked really cool. Like, I'm being able to watch it and I could definitely tell that doctor Skarada new what he was doing.

Well, that's nice thank you! It's fun for me because it gives me a chance to connect with the family better because otherwise, you'd be sitting in the waiting room not knowing what's going on.  This way you're there you can ask questions and you feel like you know, you're part of the team, I think.

So for me, it's a lot of fun.

Well, thank you very much. Do you mind if we share this with other patients? Sure.

Thank you okay so according to the patient it was too easy at the modern nose clinic

Signing off Doug Skarada, we know your nose.