Chronic Fatigue Cured in 1 Month

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Chronic Fatigue Cured in 1 Month: Oral Appliance + Nasal Procedure

Patient testimonial:

This patient had severe obstructive sleep apnea. Was given CPAP, could not tolerate CPAP.  Had an oral appliance and an awake in office septoplasty at the modern nose clinic.  He is very happy. Listen to his story; his mother will also contribute.

Let's record it while we're talking; this is actually one of the patients, I got to meet. They're really going for the modern nose clinic, and it's been a real blessing for me personally. Because the whole family has been just great and most importantly however, the patient, I won't use their name. It's just you know as it's like he had, he was stuck, and the wheels were spinning like you're stuck in the sand you're going nowhere. And you would normally think oh you go up to OHSU, oh that should do it. They should be able to figure it out. They're so smart up at OHSU and if you don't, believe me, you could just go there and they'll tell you that.

But in this case, was that the case?  

No. We took the pt to OHSU for a decade, and we saw every specialist you can see. Every specialist. To help us understand his health.  He went through so many tests, and they couldn't figure it out. It was finally a nurse practitioner that said, and he needs to have a sleep study. Then discovered he had severe sleep apnea.  Since he had the SAO surgery and this oral appliance, he's a different kid.  

You know and think about it too, this family is a unique family there, they're intelligent they're motivated they're gonna advocate for their kids.  A lot of us would give up cus you start to get this idea like people are trying to suggest, like well you know there's nothing wrong.  Why do you keep coming up here?  Did you get that feeling at all?  

Oh yeah.  You know it's like, it's frustrating because you feel like medicine should be advocating for you, and you feel like you need to have some advocate for you - to medicine because it's really.  If it's not easy well, then you must be making it up.  Why would anyone drive back and forth from Salem over and over again for a specialist, if it wasn't something that was really bothering them?  Right?  

Moms make the world go round. I just can see that right now that's for sure. I can tell you. I can tell stories about my mom she's awesome. She really really advocating for your kids and so that was a good part too. But I just I just want people to know; that first of all if you're a young person and you feel like you don't want to go through life with a CPAP.  I mean we're looking at a really thin guy here, super fit and it's not like he's going to lose 50 pounds and suddenly not have sleep apnea. He was given a life sentence to CPAP, and you know I just, there are there is another treatment.

In medicine, we'd like to say that it's a team approach and to the extent that we as physicians and clinicians of different you know backgrounds collaborate and work together.

I think we always get better results.  That that day and age of the one you know really you know brilliant mastermind who you know these TV shows are about they can answer everything.  Oh that's a bunch of balogna.  And I think that sometimes it's a good learning opportunity.  Even for those people that you know.  It's not true it's not all black and white.  It's not like oh if you've got severe sleep apnea you can't do an oral appliance.  

Well this patient had severe severe sleep apnea and you know the H-I was over 55.  And now his H-I is is down to the normal range.  And you know, so anyway this is a particularly long patient testimonial.

We may or may not use it, it's just that we're hoping someone else out there who may also have sleep apnea and may not want to use CPAP would find that oral appliance to be a legitimate alternative.  

The other thing I'd like to say though is about the oral appliance, is that there's a lot of people who say they do it. But there are only six people in the state, have done the extra training.

What was your experience with doctor Lee?  As of the recording of his testimonial she's been doing this for eight years. And that's all she does exclusively.  But it's its families like yours. You guys are awesome.  

And thank you for sharing your story.

Would you mind if we let anyone else listen to this?  Who might be interested?

Okay, that is awesome!  

Well thanks again signing off modern nose clip

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