Snore Welcome

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Snoring! It's a real killer, isn't it? It could be!

If you have Sleep Apnea, it increases the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease, a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity. If you have any family history of any of these things, and we can fix your snoring at this point in your life, you might be able to change the future. It also will impact your friends and your family members; those who love you, who want to sleep in the same room as you.

During your appointment today:

First, we'll do a detailed physical exam, looking from your nose, all the way down towards your lungs, and we'll look for any evidence of something more serious than a simple snoring disorder.

Number two, we're gonna take a really detailed history, and we'll see if you have any suggestive signs that would predict the possibility of a more serious sleep disorder.

Number three, if appropriate, we can talk to you about a home sleep test. In a home sleep test, you wear a little strap around your chest in the comfort of your own bed, your own home. Follow your normal routine, and then we can find out, based on the results, if you:

  1. Sleep better in certain positions than others.
  2. How low does your oxygen go?
  3. How long do you go without breathing?
  4. Whether or not your heart behaves poorly or irregularly whenever the oxygen level goes down.

So once we get done with our appointment today, we'll come up with a plan that'll work for you, and we will help you to snore no more.

See you soon!