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Sinusitis? Nasal Problems?

What the heck? What is it? Are they nasal infections? I keep getting problems over and over again! Are they colds? Should I go to work? Do I need antibiotics? What about over-the-counter medications? They keep coming and going, or they come and I never know if they quite clear. What do I do? I don't wanna take antibiotics the rest of my life; I want a different solution. I know that if I go to the Modern Nose Clinic, you guys don't do surgeries.

We don't! We have done over 700 in-office procedures. We've gone to the operating room zero times. We've had zero patients go to the emergency room. We've had zero patients admitted to the hospital. So we can fix your problem simpler. And we will! We'll look on the inside for the possibility of an infection. One of my friends said, Maybe I have a deviated septum! We'll find out! What if my sinuses are infected? We've got answers! We also look at the outside. Does my nose collapse in? Breathe Right strips. We're one of the few places on the west coast that have an answer for this that you can do in the clinic. So we're looking forward to answer your questions about your nose. I'll see you soon.