Pollen Allergy

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And finally, the biggest make-it-or-break-it of them all ...

Pollen Allergy

Do you live in Oregon? Because we love the outdoors and if you're happy to not go outside, that's fine. But I think for most of us, if you've got some significant pollen allergies, avoidance measures are just not gonna work that well. I mean, you can do things like recirculate the air in your car, keep the windows rolled up, don't buy that convertible. Why would you buy convertible in Oregon? Makes no sense. And you know you do things like that but you're probably going to need to do some extra treatment. More on that next.

So the treatment options are:

1st Treatment: Avoidance

Because that's the most awesome if you're able to avoid what you're allergic to - even if you can't completely avoid everything you minimize exposure, that helps. It really does.

2nd Treatment: Pharmacotherapy

Pharmacotherapy is as fancy spancy medical way of saying using medicines but there are a lot of good over-the-counter medicines and you can happily use those. We just want to make sure you're using a nasal spray and not Afrin, okay? Saline irrigation, nasal steroids and there are others. We can prescribe medicines for you. It is our preference if you want to do pharmacotherapy to get started on that then follow up with us during your allergy season so we can kind of tweak things a little bit here and there and get it just right.

Also we can answer further questions that are inevitably gonna come up. So we'll probably ask for you to follow up again during your allergy season if you decide to go with pharmacotherapy alone.

3rd Treatment: Go For The Cure

I mean you go for a cure and if you're a numbers person like I'm a numbers person, we've done the calculations. If you actually buy all the over-the-counter allergy medicines and say you're 25 - 30 years old and you plan to live say to 90 - 95 you'll spend over a 120 thousand dollars. I think I might do a video later. I'll walk through the pharmacy and I'll show you how much things cost and we'll calculate it out. But take my word for it it, sounds like the inexpensive way to go. But if you're willing to commit the next three to five years to treatment regimen, we can go for a cure. Not everyone can be cured but a lot of people can so we'll talk more about that when you come back for your follow-up visit to review your allergy test results and to put together a custom care plan perfect for you.

Dr. Douglas Skarada
Modern Nose Clinic

You survived your allergy test! Thank you for being part of our clinic. Signing off. Take care. We know your nose.

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Doug Skarada