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Nasal Irrigation and How it's Done

Ok so I am Doug Skarada at the Modern Nose Clinic, and we typically use this product here.

I thought it might be useful for those of you who might have a procedure here with us or for those of you who aren't even our patients to understand how I recommend using it-it might be of interest, so of all the pictures on this box, the only picture I find of any use is this one. This is a picture of a lady irrigating her nose. There are three things about this picture we find to be useful one is that her head should be parallel with a countertop so she's looking straight down at the drain in the sink. Number two the bottle should be directed directly up going perpendicular to the orientation of your head so it will enter one nostril and the gravity will take it down the other nostril and three you need to be exhaling out [of] your mouth while you're squirting in through your nose.

I find [it] to be helpful to watch me do a demonstration which will be if not helpful at least entertaining. There you go thank you very much.

So this is a bottle, so suspend your disbelief unscrew the lid, one pack of the powder, fill it up with water that you consider to be safe. Shake it up and you might say Dr. Skarada doesn't [it] go like this while I look at the mirror?

I mean my nose goes like that., and I would say no that's completely wrong. You want to be looking straight down at the drain. You want this to be going straight up so it's perpendicular. You want to be breathing out your mouth while you squirt into your nose like this three or four squirts you'll be done [with] the entire bottle. Put another packet of the powder to fill it up with water, safe water. Shake it up to do the other side, the same thing do an entire bottle on the right to an entire bottle on the left in the morning. Do an entire bottle on the right to an entire bottle on the left in the evening if you'd like. You can do it multiple times a day think of it like washing your hands for your nose.

During those first two weeks after surgery, it's really important to keep your nose-nose moist. So you can maximize the healing process.

Thank you from the Modern Nose Clinic of Doug Skarada.

Thank you we know your nose.