Welcome to the Modern Nose Clinic

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Welcome to the Modern Nose Clinic, I'm Dr. Douglas Skarada. We're really excited to have you here today. Once checked in, you won't wait long at the Modern Nose Clinic. We'll take you back to one of our exam rooms. They're beautiful, comfortable, and you'll get to meet some more of our team members.

Let's face it, life has gotten pretty busy now, hasn't it? You don't even know where your priorities fall on the list anymore. When the elevator doors open up and you walk into the Modern Nose Clinic, it's all about you. Rather than offering you everything in the world, we focus on three different lines of care that we believe we do better than anyone else.

Our first line of care is:

Sleep and Snore: Sleep Better = Snore No More

If you or a loved one snore it could be shortening your life; this could be Sleep Apnea. We offer the oral appliance, and we offer a medical-grade version of the oral appliance so that you know you'll have the best treatment possible. We offer a variety of different oral appliances to meet each patient's needs. This is something covered by insurance, assuming you have Sleep Apnea.


Allergy is an under treated illness. Most people think it could be simply treated with over-the-counter medications, but that is not true for many people. At the Modern Nose Clinic, we do not use needles; this is plastic. We test for 48 things, including food allergies. We're very proud of our allergy department.


We are a Center of Excellence, which means we are involved in developing new technology. At the Modern Nose Clinic, we do not do surgery; we do procedures. You will not need an IV, you will not need to go under general anesthesia, and you will have your procedure on a Friday and return to work on a Monday.

Cryotherapy = No More Sudafed - No More Afrin

For patients who are constantly getting Sudafed, Afrin, and other things for their drippy, stuffy nose, we have a treatment. 30 seconds on each side with this small balloon that becomes very cold and that will recalibrate the back of your nose, so you will no longer “Drip. Sniff. Drip.”

Stent = No More Breathe Right Strips

For patients who use Breathe Right strips and they help them when they sleep at night, but they don't want to use them for the rest of their life, they cause problems with their skin, they certainly don't help them during the day, if they want to go for a hike or go for a walk, we offer a nasal stent. The nasal stent procedure is an absorbable small prosthesis that helps to hold your nose open. This is done in the clinic, and you return to work the following day.

Balloon Your Sinusitis Away

At the Modern Nose Clinic, if you have sinusitis, we do not believe in cutting. Our motto here is “We do more curing and less cutting.” We believe the traditional way of going to the operating room and having surgery is a terrible way to go; instead, you simply inflate a tiny little balloon for 5 seconds... 3 4 5, deflate the balloon, remove it from the nose, and you're cured. Again, a procedure is done on Friday, and you return to work on Monday without the need to go to the operating room or have anesthesia.

So this ends your introduction to the Modern Nose Clinic and what we refer to as the “Modern medical experience.” We believe that medicines broke him and we're trying to fix it, one idea at a time. We're trying to present to you information in a different way, but we're about to start your appointment. We really hope it's something special, and we hope we can meet all of your needs. So signing off, Dr. Douglas Skarada at the Modern Nose Clinic. We know your nose.