Mold Allergy

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Oh well, we live in Oregon, don't we?

The secret to mold is to keep it really dry.

When you could have that shower, hit the switch and evacuate all that moisture. If you want to go to Home Depot, you can pick up a dehumidifier and run that in any spot you think can be a little bit moist. Some people run them in their bedroom to keep it really dry. If you have a travel trailer, you know that's good place.

We had a lower level house (lower level living area) and we ran it up there and we were shocked at how much water it pulled out.

But in my personal life, the place where we had the highest mold count in our life was ... come in ... here comes ... you probably guessed it by now - the minivan!

So anyhow, you could stick the dehumidifier in the minivan with a little wire and just run it for the weekend. Whatever. Get it eally dry. That's what you wanna do with mold.

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Dr. Skarada