Dust Mite Allergy

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Dust mites. So has anybody ever told you, you're allergic to dust mites? You do know - they're a liar?

You're not allergic to dust mites. You're allergic to dust mite poo.

Now that we got that out of the way, what do you do about it? There is something you can do about it and I think the recommendations are pretty unique to the Modern Nose Clinic. This is what we say.

So there are three simple steps:

Step One

You need to have a dust mite proof cover for your bed and all pillows on your bed. If you have any decorative pillows or teddy bears or whatnot, please retire them to another room - preferably to someone who's not allergic to dust mite.

Step Two

You need to have at least three different changes of bedding. One change of bedding will presumably be on your bed. The second change of bedding will be in a plastic bag in the freezer. The third set of bedding will be washed in very hot water, folded and on the shelf ready to go on to your bed.

Step Three

The third thing is you want to do the dust mite proof dance. That's the wrong dance, isn't it? Let me try that again. Okay, the real dust mite proof dance is this. You take the bedding off your bed you take it over to your fridge and you put it into a plastic bag in the freezer. Because you want to freeze the dust mites and you want to leave it there for you know, as long as you can for a couple days. It's not so bad. You take the sheets that were in the freezer where all the dust mites are frozen out and put them immediately into your washer and dryer and wash them in really hot water. More on that later.

Okay, of course, once they're out of the washer you fold them and you put them on to your shelf. And so they sit there again for probably maybe a couple of days. So they've been frozen,

they've been fried and they've been starved. And yeah, you will still have dust mites. Is that crazy?

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Thanks again,

Dr. Skarada