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Introducing the Nasal Stent at the Modern Nose Clinic.

Hi. Doctor Skarada with the Modern Nose Clinic. I want to tell you about something pretty exciting; we call it the Nasal Stent. If you or a loved one has a problem where a Breathe Right strip helps to open your nose – so when you sleep at night, you wake up the morning feeling well-rested, or perhaps, during the day, you're exercising, and you find that your nose just collapses in as you're breathing – this is the solution. The cost of the Breathe Right strip over a lifetime is well over a hundred thousand dollars. Why do that? Why bother with that if you could do an absorbable stent? This is what we call it right here. You can see this little item here, and – size of my finger, so it's very very tiny; it's absorbable. It's made out of something called PLA (polylactic acid), so it will dissolve in a year and a half.

What's left behind, however, is extra structure. I go into the nose, I go within the soft tissue here, and I place one on either side of the nose. We do this awake in-clinic. You don't need to go to the operating room. You don't need anesthesia, so that keeps the cost down significantly. You can plan on going back to work the following day, and it feels – if you put your glasses, it will feel tender there. It won't damage anything, so you can wear glasses afterwards. And over the first two weeks, that soreness goes away. And after the next two weeks, you stop noticing there's something in there, but you will notice when it stops collapsing inward.

I hope this is helpful. Dr. Douglas Skarada Modern Nose Clinic.

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