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At the Modern Nose Clinic, we want you to learn more. For that reason, we've put together videos, such as this, showing how to irrigate your nose correctly. Dr. Skarada will demonstrate on himself and share a few extra pearls.

How to irrigate your nose correctly.

Okay. Dr. Skarada here. Now, you're gonna see it, what you've all been waiting for – the rinse bottle into the nose! You take your rinse bottle, unscrew it, take your salt packet, pour it in, fill it up with water, make sure it's safe water. You might do – use distilled water to be sure. I like warm. You can do whatever temperature you like. Some people like cold. There's nothing to that at all. Whatever your preference is. Some people use two packets if they have a lot of congestion. We'll explain why in a few minutes, but here we go!

Get into your nose. Seat it really well, and then kind of angle it down, so you're looking mostly down, but you're shooting up one side and down the other. And you breathe out through your mouth while you squirt it in like this.




That's it. For me, three squirts and now it's done. Just gonna dry me nose off.

Couple of extra pearls. What's happening is that there's a salty fluid sitting on the swollen tissue, and the salt in that irrigation is now pulling, drawing fluid, out of the lining of your nose called mucosa. And therefore, it will start to open the sinuses and nasal passageway. That's why if you did two packets, that would make it even more concentrated. Might work better.

Another thing that could be a better idea than two packets is just to do more rinse bottles. So you can do them as often as you like. People will say, "Oh. Then 15-20 mins later, fluid will come out." True that. What you could do is go into what I call praying position, which I'll try to show you here. Tilt your head forward. If you don't have any religious or spiritual belief, then just think of something positive like, "I'm gonna have a great day. I'm gonna have a great day." Whatever "I'm highly organized. I'm a happy person." Whatever. Tell yourself that about ten times. Or you could pray. And as you're in that position, the remainder of the water will drip out on its own. So that's a little pearl you might try. Alright. Let me see if I can demonstrate.

This is really effective, and it's really inexpensive. And I hope this is – this is freakin' entertaining. There better be someone out there who likes this video or I'm never doing this again. Alright, guys. Signing off. Dr. Douglas Skarada. Modern Nose Clinic. We know your nose.

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