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What do you do if you have a runny nose? Come to the Modern Nose Clinic; we've got something different here.

I was just wondering the other day; who has a runny, stuffy, congested, snotty nose with post nasal drip? Oh, just about everybody who walks in our door. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of people do. This time the year is certainly no exception. Here in Oregon, it's winter and getting close to Christmas, and everyone's getting excited. So I'm so thrilled to offer our patients an exciting new treatment, which is very uncommon. Probably most people watching this video have never heard of it before, and certainly, most general ENT clinics do not offer this. As a matter of fact, I'm not aware of any other clinics that offer this treatment. We call it Cryotherapy. Cryo (Cold) Therapy. Make you better.

For those of you who know me, I love to tell little stories or anecdotes; I think it helps to understand things better. So – you know – bear with me here. Well, let's pretend you're coming to visit me at my house, and you come in the room, and you say – let's take this room here – you say,

"Hey, Doug! How's it going!"


"Oh man, it's really hot in this room."

"Yeah, it is hot. Let's check out the thermostat over here."

Here's a thermostat; let's see why it's so hot. Oh, there's something wrong with this thermostat.

That's better; it just became a thermostat of your nose. Okay. So, first.

"Yeah, it's really hot. It's like 90 degrees in here. Do you mind if I turn it down?"

"Sure, what do you want? 70 degrees? Great."

Bang. You turn it down to 70 degrees, assuming all is well; you guys are happy. It would be ridiculous for you to take out a gun and shoot that thermostat in the wall and say something like "Damn you, thermostat! How dare you make the room 90 degrees!" And – you know – that's the mentality of most surgeons. That's how we treat most problems, with [an] excisional, cutting-things-out mentality, but that's not how we do it here at the Modern Nose Clinic.

So let's go through this story again. I'm looking [at] the back of your nose, and I say, "Wow! Your nose," it said it,

"Watery, Runny Nose: HI

Nasal Congestion: HI

Congestion in the Morning: HI

Post-Nasal Drip: Well, that sucks

Clearing of the Throat: Of course, you've got post-nasal drip!"

So what do we do?

So we go to the back of your nose with a tiny balloon, and we make it super cool. We rest that balloon right over-top of an area that is the thermostat at the back of your nose, and we chill it for 30 seconds. For those people who come to the Modern Nose Clinic, we do everything in the clinic, so you:

Don't need to go to the operating room.

There's no IV.

There's no anesthesiologist.

There's no charge for the operating room.

There's no risk of anesthesia.

You take three pills and get nice and relaxed. We have a friend or family member come in with you to watch, and they're going to say, "This is so freaking cool," because that's what they say. Quote them. And we will make a movie so you can see it later, and then when you watch the movie later, you're gonna say, "This is so freakin' cool," because it is.

So let me tell you why it's so "freakin' cool." You see a small cloud that will form around that balloon as it gets super cool. Little cloud – little moisture particles condense, and you can see them move back and forth through your nose like waves crashing on the – on the coast. And you can see the air current moving through your nose. We're very interested in how fluids and air moves through the nose. Check out our video on physiologic, nasal airflow for more.

At any rate, we want to see that it's flowing correctly, and for 30 seconds, little ice crystals will form on the wand of the device, and they're beautiful; and I usually zoom in on them because I'm easily entertained. And people usually say, "That is so freaking cool," so that's kind of rewarding. And then after – and the patient – we'll often say [to] them, "How do you feel?" and they say, "I feel perfectly fine! As a matter of fact, I'd like to go back to sleep, if you don't mind," and we let them go back to sleep because it's perfectly comfortable.

After 30 seconds, we turn off our device, and the little cloud goes away. And with each respiration, half the ice crystals will melt, and after about 2 or 3 respirations, we can remove the balloon and move to the other side and repeat the same procedure. The patient will go home, and they'll return to work or school the following day, so it's a very straightforward thing.

I know what you're thinking. You want to check out the nose thermostat, don't you? Let's see what happened after 30 seconds on each side.

Oh no, thermostat. What do you say? Hey, that looks a lot different! Your watery runny nose, nasal congestion, congestion in the morning, post nasal drip, and clearing of the throat has been cured.

So. Signing off for the Modern Nose Clinic. We know your nose. If you liked this video – I don't know how you say this correctly because I'm not obviously a professional – like it and subscribe, and that will encourage me to make more content. Signing off. Doug Skarada.

So. Get your runny, stuffy nose to COOL IT at the Modern Nose Clinic.