Animal Allergy

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Animal Dander. Okay, I know, I know. I don't want to get allergy tested because Skarada is just gonna tell me I'm allergic to my pet that I love so much. I'd rather fires Skarada than fire my pet.

Totally get it. Please don't fire me. We never ask you to do that. However, what you might be willing to do is making certain concessions. Now mind you, avoidance isn't for everyone but for those of you who are properly motivated, what we would do is, we do a little bit of pet psychology. It's kind of fun. We'll see how it work.

I'm sure you have a highly educated animal and they'll respond to this beautifully. This is what you do:

Here is how a little bit of pet psychology can help your animal allergy.

So we're going to talk about Pavlov's education or experiment then I want to talk about the modern nose clinic version of that

Pavlov's Experiment

So what did Pavlov do? He was a dude they talked about in psychology courses in college. He rang a bell. He gave the dog some food. He rang a bell. He gave the dog some food. He rang a bell. He looked at the dog's mouth. Guess what? There was spit in there - saliva. But how is that good to anything at all? At The Modern Nose Clinic, we've got a different way to do it.

The Modern Nose Clinic Experiment to Help with Animal Allergy

So the goal is to minimize exposure to that to which you're allergic. In this case, we'll say a cat. So you love your cat. The cat sleeps in the bedroom with you. You try to put it outside the bedroom door and it cries and it cries, ah huh, what you do is you show your cat a balloon. And, behind a balloon you have a little pin. And, the cat says the balloon says, "balloon, so what?" Then you pop the balloon and the cat says something like, "oh my god." They're out the door. Right so, the cat thinks the balloon is the problem. They're not, you're not yelling at the cat. Cat is not mad at you. And, then you leave the balloon in different places around the house where you don't want the cat to go.

So for instance, just inside the bedroom door you leave the door open a crack. You put a balloon there. They won't want to go into your bedroom. It really does work! You can also put it on that spot where you like to sit when you watch TV.

At night you put it on the counter top so when you go off, you're out out of the house for the day, you don't know if the cat is jumping up on the countertops or the table. It really does work.

So you could try making yourself a highly educated pet and control where they are and your exposure when you get home from work. Then you see that dog that you love. You love that dog. You rub that dog but you don't kiss that dog because that dog saliva ain't good for you. You're allergic to it. When you get inside, wash your hands real good before you eat any food or touch your face.

So these are some pearls you could try for animal avoidance. On our website we have a video library section where you can explore and learn more. Feel free to share these videos with your friends and family. We want to have highly educated patient. Also, feel free to check out the YouTube channel thanks again.

Doug Skarada