Allergy Welcome

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At the Modern Nose Clinic we are obsessed with having the least expensive, least risky treatment for your problem. The most common reason for failure for doctors who do sinus surgery —- which we don't do surgery we do procedures —- is because they did not treat allergy. The problem is that allergy it's hard to get you into an allergist to booked out for months it is an allergy just something you treat over-the-counter with medications over-the-counter well obviously you've tried that or if you haven't tried that we can talk about it but for some people that's not enough and so we want to focus on the three classic treatment options for allergy avoidance you need to know what you're allergic to you so that you can avoid him and we can tell you that if you'd like to know pharmacotherapy meaning that you use medications to treat your allergy and so we can tell you what's available over-the-counter and that's not adequately can prescribe you medications then the last piece is immunotherapy well we actually cure your allergies and with lots of different ways of doing that and the modern nose clinic we actually are the only place on the state that actually offers you a thirty second treatment on each side of your nose then treats five of the most common symptoms of allergic rhinitis so if that's something you're interested in we'd be glad to tell you about that so when we see you today if you like we can talk to you more about allergy find out what you're allergic to and come up with a treatment plan that works for you see ya