Are Oregon Allergies Keeping You Down?

Oregon Allergies

Like millions of other Americans, you are suffering with allergies. The miserable symptoms are keeping you from getting a good night's rest, and every year you find yourself dreading summertime. In some areas, allergies are worse for others. If you feel like your suffering is worse than others, you might be right. Oregon allergies tend to be some of the absolute worst in the nation. 

Why are Oregon Allergies Worse?

Oregon has some of the most beautiful outdoors in the nation - but it comes with a price. The wide variety of trees and greenery spread across our state are fantastic to look at, but as soon as summer begins so does the miserable allergy symptoms for thousands. All of these trees cover the state in a layer of pollen and create Oregon allergies across the state. Trees such as birch, pine, alder and different types of grass are all responsible for creating the pollen while the Oregon wind does a great job of spreading it and making you absolutely miserable. 

What Symptoms Do Oregon Allergies Cause?

Many sufferers of Oregon allergies know the symptoms all too well. Most people with allergies experience similar symptoms but for those who live in Oregon, these symptoms can be even worse. 

Some common symptoms are:

  • Frequent Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes, watery eyes
  • Headache
  • Congestion
  • Itchy throat, coughing 

What Can Be Done?

Those who suffer from Oregon allergies are always searching for a way to end their painful season. When allergies become severe, the first step is to visit an allergy clinic to help you fight symptoms you may be having effectively. There are some daily changes that may help you avoid an allergy attack.

  1. Stay Indoors - As much as the summertime weather can be so enjoyable in Oregon, the quickest way to help allergy attacks without medical care is to avoid the outdoors all together.
  2. Don’t do the yard work - One of the quickest ways to have an allergy attack is to mow the lawn. If you can, have someone else complete this task. If you have to do it, wear a mask to lessen the amount of allergens you take in. 
  3. Keep everything clean - The cleaner your home, the better. This includes changing your filters often. Clean air can make a big difference in your allergies. 
  4. Keep track of pollen - Oregon allergies are often caused by the amount of pollen in the air. Before going out, try to visit a pollen count tracking website to prepare yourself. Find out the pollen count today!

You should not have to hide away all allergy season. These tips can be great for avoiding an allergy attack, but can’t help much when you are already having one. The best way to get to the root of the problem is by visiting a professional. 

Modern Nose Clinic Offers Oregon Allergies Relief

You should not have to lock yourself in your home for months just so you don’t feel miserable. Advanced allergy relief is here and easier than ever. At Modern Nose Clinic we offer allergy drops to help combat the symptoms many suffer from in Oregon. With no frequent office visits, no injections, and personalized treatment, feeling better has never been easier. Start finding relief roday!

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